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Wood Deck Anchor
We are leading manufacturer of Brass Pool Cover Anchor such as Concrete Anchor, Popup Anchor, Screw-Type Anchor, Wood Deck Anchors, Pipe Anchors It is used used for anchorage in areas like concrete or cement and other stable flat anchoring surfaces near pool site for fastening swimming pool safety covers. This is the most conventional anchoring hardware used for fastening swimming pool safety covers in the industry.etc.

This is made from extruded Brass. The design was recently redone slightly due to better manufacturing technology capabilities and this has truly become the superior pool cover anchor.This type of anchoring system is used to give the cover a trampoline effect.These inserts are not affected by pool chemicals & Can be used with most safety covers.
Long functional life and endurance
Since our Standard Concrete Brass Anchors are manufactured from high grade extrusion brass bars, the material is less porous and less brittle with high tensile strength compared to those manufactured with cast metal brass bars. This property of extrusion brass provides long functional life and additional endurance to the product.
Ease of Use
These Screw Type Concrete Brass Anchors are easy to install and the Brass Anchor Insert can be raised by rotating with the help of an Allen wrench within seconds and can stay recessed with deck surface when not in use.
Corrosion Resistance
Our Standard Concrete Brass Anchors are made from high grade, less porous solid brass and are electroplated (optional) to provide additional corrosion resistance thus suitable for use near water and most other chemicals used in swimming pool maintenance.
For manufacturing these products, we bring into process raw materials of high grade and are processed to give a shape in best industrial conditions.
Packing Options
Number of customized packing options are available including vacuum formed plastic trays or individual wrapping.
Products can be made as per customer specification & drawings. Customization is also possible in Product weight & packing.
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